Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey


Uphillsport Ice Hockey socks are developed and tested with Finnish Ice Hockey teams. Socks are designed to fit well within the skate and firmly to the foot.
For extra protection, you can choose anticut properties on the shaft. Anti-Cut on the shaft protects you from skate cuts and prevents accidents.

Pro and Pro Anti cut with Quick Dry materials for ice rings, Flash with coolmax for off ice training or Pond with merino wool for outside games.

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UphillSport Pond Ice Hockey 3-layer Duratech L4 sock with Merino

Product no.: E8498

Pond socks are made with a thin 3-layer structure with merino wool. This provides the perfect warmth, moisture control, and breathability.

£21.99 / pair(s)
Low stock

UphillSport Flash Ice hockey L2 enforced skate sock with Coolmax

Product no.: E8688

The Flash ice-hockey sock is a high-performance skate sock with a reinforced sole for high durability.

£14.99 / pair(s)
Low stock

UphillSport Pro Ice hockey L1 Compressed shaft anti-cut protection sock with Quick Dry

Product no.: E8684

Pro Ice anti cut hockey socks are made very fitted to maximize the feeling of the ice. Anti cut protect calf and ankle.

£26.99 / pair(s)