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Uphillsport Running Socks are developed for all your running needs. In Finland we run in whatever weather including snowy conditions. The performance needs of the socks changes with the weather and the terrain. Uphillsport Run & Trail socks are developed with professional athelets over last two decades.

Materials chosen for Run & Trail are quick drying, breathable, well-fitting and comfortable.

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UphillSport Front Running Fit L1 sock with Quick Dry

Product no.: E8396

The Front Running Fit is a high quality extra durable running sock. Quick dry treatment keeps this sock dry.

£7.99 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Winter XC Running Fit 2-layer L2 Sock with Merino

Product no.: E8394

The Winter XC sock is ideal for Running, Trail running, Cycling, Orienteering, Climbing or Skiing in the cross-country environment.

£7.99 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Recovery Running L1 Fitted soft and Double Welt sock with Bamboo

Product no.: E8469

Uphillsport Recovery with Bamboo is made as a relaxed and comfort sock to wear after hard training. Ultra soft feeling.

£7.99 / pair(s)
Low stock

UphillSport Trail Running L1 Ankle Protection sock with Quick Dry

Product no.: E8700

Running Low is a smooth-running sock with terry on the heel and toe. Ankle protection with extra padding prevents shoe collision.

£7.99 / pair(s)
Good stock