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UphillSport Front low Running Fit L1 sock with Quick Dry

Product no.: E8398

£10.99 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Rokka Trekking 3-layer Duratech L4 Sock with Merino

Product no.: E8514

£17.99 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Tuntsa Snow Sports M4 Active Comfort Sock with Merino

Product no.: E8504

£17.99 / pair(s)
Good stock

UphillSport Kevo Trekking 4-layer Drytech M4 Sock with Merino and Coolmax

Product no.: E8385

£19.99 / pair(s)
Good stock


UphillSport Outdoors category has been inspired by the changing conditions of all four seasons.

Ski & Snow

Uphillsport Ski & Snow has been inspired by the winter and snow sports. All socks are made in Finland

Run & Trail

Uphillsport Run & Trail socks are developed for all your running needs. All socks are made in Finland


Uphillsport Tactical socks are developed for high demand need of military users. All socks are made in Finland

Hunt & Fish

Uphillsport Hunt & Fish socks are developed for long days out in hot or cold and moist weather. All socks are made in Finland

Horse & Equestrian

Uphillsport Horse & Equestrian socks are developed for equestrians for compete level and for more relaxed riding. All socks are made in Finland


Uphillsport Performance socks helps you focus on your sport. All socks are made in Finland

Team Sport

Uphillsport Team Sport socks customized. All socks are made in Finland


Uphillsport Work socks for inside and outside working. All socks are made in Finland

UphillSport innovation - unique multi-layer structure

First layer is for transferring moisture, second for control moisture, third for protection against rubbing. Fourth for maximum warmth.

Uphillsport story

Read more about history of the know-how

Sales Network

Sales network for Uphillsport. UphillSport is innovative outdoor lifestyle brand from Tampere, Finland. UphillSport is passionately committed to continue technical innovations with sustainable way.

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